RACE! Began 15 years ago in Gauteng, Johannesburg. Starting from humble beginnings building super bikes, RACE! quickly turned into a sought after industry leading in quality guarantee.

It has taken us 15 years, but RACE! has now moved to the now HQ, where we provide and A - Z solution for all supercar platforms.

Wheels by RACE!

RACE! has partnered up with the worlds best high performance wheel companies to bring South Africa.

Monoblock forged to 3 piece forged wheels for you aggressive street set up, or lightweight billet forged 6061 alloy forged wheels for full racing conditions and track use only.

The Perfect Finish.

With our deep set roots in paint work, we started from a small shop and paint booth, always trying to better the OEM paint finish when it came to industry leaders and set a trend in South Africa, for being one of the leaders in paint finish and quality.


15 years later, we have not never compromised in quality and finish.


RACE! began with respraying and building once off, world recognised daily riders as well as track specific super bikes.

Over the years, we have worked with only the best performance, aesthetic and safety brands that money can buy.



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Why RACE!?

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